Review: AquaLabel skincare review

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For those of you that have been eyeing this popular line from Shiseido in Asia, here’s my review on their AquaLabel skinare line. But first, in case you aren’t familiar with this Shiseido sub-brand, Aqualabel makes three different ranges of skincare focused on different needs of people of (mainly) different age groups.

Intense Moisturization
Aqualabel Red


Aqualabel Yellow purple

Whitening/Skin Brightening
Aqualabel Blue
All three ranges actual include some base items too, such as sun protection, foundation base and even foundation as well featuring the corresponding benefit of the skincare.

From watching the CM’s from the line, I feel that Aqualabel’s goal is to promote a skincare lifestyle, not merely products to put on your face. 
Check out this one for example.

What I picked up to try was the “White-up Lotion” and the “Whitening Emulsion” in other words the toner and moisturizer from the range. When it comes to trying out new skincare, I usually got for these two products as I think they are the ones that should be the most effective. Items like face wash I feel (because they are rinsed away quickly) usually make little difference to the effectiveness of the line.

 Shiseido Aqualabel

A closer look at the items……
Shiseido Aqualabel
  • Super watery and light texture
  • No stickiness or residue on the skin (or hands for that matter)
  • Leaves skin fresh and breathing after application
Shiseido Aqualabel
  • Easy to spread and very fluid
  • Not greasy but leaves skin just moist enough and very comfortable
  • Faint spa scent, no heavy perfume
  • No breakouts or sensitivity
A quick look at the ingredients, I’m fairly certain that if you buy this product in Hong Kong or somewhere, there might be an English ingredients list/sticker on the packaging. Mine does not. However I’ve posted the back for those of you that can read Chinese!

(I found out that one of my favourite bloggers Yuki has posted the ingredients in English, from her package. You can read it on her blog HERE.)

*click open on Flickr to enlarge*
Shiseido Aqualabel

Overall, I feel that this line by Aqualabel is good basic skincare and likely more effective in the long term. Not as immediately satisfying as the HADALABO Whitening range but better for those with normal/combination skin who want a solid and extensive system. Oh and be sure to purchase the “Aqua Effector” that I mentioned in the video if you do decided to give Aqualabel a try, I do have a feeling that this product will greatly increase the overall effect of the other items (I might give in and end up getting it, we will see!).

4 thoughts on “Review: AquaLabel skincare review

  1. Lucy Lu says:

    Hello~!! I love love your blog/videos/review. Please do more of these product review for us, much appreciate. By the way, you are very pretty. Can the Aqualabel toner work for oily/blemish prone skin. I'm a teenager with constant pimple breakout and millions of blackhead, I'm DESPERATE for something that can work for my skin. Please help me out.


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Lucy, I don't think the Aqualabel range that I've shown here is especially targeted for breakout prone skin so I don't think they will be a good fit. However they do have a acne range though I've never tried it myself. What I do like and have used before with some success is the Clinique Acne Solutions system back in my younger years, it's a benzoyl peroxide based range.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Aqualabel whitening and intense moisturization range suitable for a 15 year old girl? Use on a daily basis in the morning or night.. Cuz im afraid it's too heavy or unsuitable for young skin~


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