Brand: DIOR got me week in the knees

There aren’t too many high-end brands that I think are worth the splurge and while many feature limited edition designs and colours, there’s really only a few that REALLY always gets me weak in the knees.

One of them is DIOR.
Albeit not all DIOR products are worthwhile, their powder products (especially eye shadows) are certainly drool-worthy. So here’s a look at some of the best (and most hyped about) DIOR products….so we can all drool together!
Diorskin Shimmer Star
  • Amber Diamond & Rose Diamond shades

(0.35 Oz)

  • Containing Jeweled Microdust, ultra fine and super blendable

This is one of those products that has been hyped to the moon and back but I have yet the chance to try it out for myself. Even people who aren’t huge DIOR lovers own this item, it comes in 2-3 shades and is supposed to give you that surreal glow. If you’re a big fan of highlighters, you may want to check this one out. Looking for a swatch/review? MissNatty has got a great on here!


DIORShow Brow Styler
  •   Universally flattering shade (not kidding, I think it works!)
  • Ultra fine precision tip with brush tool
 I actually tested this out at Sephora a while back when I was hunting for a brow pencil. The ease of use and the wonderful texture drew me in me but it was more expensive then I could afford, in the end I purchased the MUFE Brow Pencil. However this one is still at the top of my wishlist!

DIORShow Mascara
There are no words to describe how much insane hype surrounds this mascara, they claim its the ultimate in luxe lashes, they claim its the IT item for runways shows, practically every makeup artist “advice” column talks about this mascara. 
Is there any truth to all this?

Maybe just alittle, I agree that the big brush is a huge turn-on as it packs alot of product which can be densely dispersed onto the lashes coating them up lushly. While this does give volume, it gave me absolutely no lift, little length and it started to dry up and flake very very quickly. [*note: I was not using the waterproof version] So I’d say, unless you already have perfectly curled lashes, skip on this one.

DIOR Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow–Jungle Print
 You’ve gotta hand it to a couture brand like DIOR to make the most beautiful limited edition items and each season I eagerly anticipate what they will bring out for the holiday season/winter collections. This year, its a animal print eyeshadow palette featuring a trio blend of safari browns….not quite sure how functional this will be once you start using it. But hey, that’s couture right?

DIOR 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette
Earth Reflection
Rosy Tan
Stylish Move
Ready to Glow
 Here’s an iconic item that I really think is worth the investment, DIOR’s powder eyeshadows have this incredible smooth and soft texture…almost a wet feel that glides on the eyes so well that sometime I wonder if its a cream shadow. Now bewarned that almost all the quints have a high-shine metallic finish (may not be your taste) and that because of this finish, some of the combinations that have very light colours don’t show up with enough differentiation. I find the colours very long lasting even without a primer/base on the lids and they just blend so well. I really can’t find a major fault with these gorgeous palettes…these are uber chic and absolutely embodies the DIOR couture aesthetic.
DIOR 3 Colour Smokey eyes palette
 This is one of the newer items from DIOR that I haven’t had the opportunity to swatch/check out yet. However I am greatly intrigued as this combines a creamy base along with 2 contrasting powder shadows. The idea sounds great and I am loving the choice of 6 colour combinations. I can see this as a great everyday investment.

 DIOR Skinflash Primer

Though I’ve never been an avid user of foundation primers, it’s still a product that’s often got me intrigued. The promise of long-lasting foundation, poreless skin and skin caring ingredients all sound pretty good to me! Especially since I became a frequent reader of Japanese magazines, many of the Asian brands take great care in the preparation of skin before any concealer or foundation even touches the face. This DIOR primer has certainly caught my eye, I’m just hoping it won’t be heavily silicone loaded like the Smashbox ones…my face isn’t too fond of heavy cones. I am hoping that it will also contain some vitamins or something bonus….
Well this wraps up my little overview on DIOR, I have tried out some of their skincare but since they have completely re-edited their basic skincare line it wouldn’t have helped to much for me to talk about it now.

Let me know if you have a favourite DIOR item!

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