HAUL: Sephora + Victoria Secret = SanFrancisco!

Hello Everyone,

If the first thing you get excited about on vacation is being able to go shopping, well then this post is for you! A quick photo and video post about PART One of my San Francisco shopping experience; it will be split up into 2 videos for categorizational sake.

First, a grand look at the whole gang 🙂
[group photo! *click*] 

Sephora & Victoria Secret (SanFran)

Now on to the video fun!
[did you spot the special intro for my SanFran series?]

A close up look at some of the items!


Sephora Bare Escentuals--Buxom kit
I never thought thought that I would actually be so excited about a Sephora insider gift to actually trade in 500pt for it but this one is pretty promising. Can’t say no to a cute pink gloss and a nudy-lipstick. 
Oh Sephora you hit me in my Achilles ankle right there!

Victoria Secret: BIG SMOOCH Plumping Gloss Duo
Victoria Secret--Big Smooch lipgloss

This had got to be one of the cutest things I’ve encountered in a long time. I adore the colour combo and although it doesn’t tingle, this product DOES make your lips extra juicy and feels great to wear too! Now I wonder why I didn’t also get the nude colour too >.>”

NAIL INC. FALL Nail Colours

Nail Inc. Fall2011 Collection

Ahhhh….the beginning of my FALL nail collection, though I do own a few *similar* colours to these, I was really intrigued by this new brand and mainly wanted to test out the formulation. What I CAN say so far is that I love the smaller bottle size, who can use up a 15ml polish anyways before it dries up?
The 10ml is actually a pretty good idea in my opinion!
Thats it for today.
Stay tuned for more SanFran updates ^-^

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