Hair Diary: Palty foaming hairdye | video

I hope you all are excited about this one because here is a new PALTY product! Being my first ever Palty hairdye I didn’t quite know what to expect but when I saw the FOAMING version (new one that came out) I just had to try it.
The concept of bubble/foaming hair colour has been around for a while now in the Asian market overseas, the most popular of the brands being Prettia and Lise.
PALTY calls this one a “foaming” colour and is promoted by Korean hit girl group KARA!

012--palty KARA

With my roots so over-grown (not even in a cool rocker chick way) I decided to tone it down by going darker. This should keep my hair colour alittle easier to manage and tone down some of that orange tinge that keeps creeping back.
Palty foaming haircolour--before
PALTY Bubble hairdye 

PALTY Bubble hairdye
The full package, as always with adorable Tsubasa!
Palty foaming haircolour-package
Open the box and you’ll find the standard items.
Palty foaming haircolour

Palty foaming haircolour-inside

  • Base/Developer
  • Haircolour cream
  • Mixing cup & spatula
  • Gloves, instructions & treatment pack
Now I’m ready for …..
Palty foaming haircolour
Ready? Set? WATCH!
 [Demo & Review in one ^-^]

Photo comparison with the box!
Palty foaming haircolour--colour swatch
I’d say that on the previous coloured (lightened) parts of my hair, it did a nice job. If you have virgin dark hair you wouldn’t get too much difference with this shade, so perhaps try going for a much lighter shade in order to get the same result.

  • Leaves my hair in fabulous post-colour condition!
  • Great results if you are going darker.
  • SO EASY to use, never was able to apply hair colour that fast.
  • Almost zero ammonia smell (no kidding!)
  • **TIP: Remember to mix the foam extra well and make sure you don’t have leftover unmixed portions in the bottom of the cup.

Palty foaming haircolour

The colour is a little dark but I’m thinking it will lighten up slightly from washing.
I don’t think this will be enough to completely cover/lighten virgin dark hair but the formulation is absolutely one of the most gentle formulations I’ve ever used.


EDIT:  I did my hair prior to going on vacation and unfortunately the colour washed out quite a bit and quite quickly as well. Looks like it wasn’t strong enough to really hold on to my hair. Therefore, I’d say only use this to tone down a brighter haircolour but it’s not going to cut it as a long term permanent hair dye.

2 thoughts on “Hair Diary: Palty foaming hairdye | video

  1. Anonymous says:

    can you do a video or a blog on the steps to dyeing your hair because its my first time doing it and i cant understand the Japanese instructions.


  2. PBunnieP says:

    It's pretty much exactly as I showed in the video (in this post). You just mix the base and developer together in the cup, whip it up and apply the foam to your hair. I think you can probably find some brief English translations on this product online. But I don't read Japanese either.


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