BeautyNews: US Brands take on BB Creams in Asia

While the world of BB Cream may already be familiar to some of you beauty lovers out there, you may not know that many Western/American brands have also taken on the market with their own versions of the popular Asian foundation product.

In one quick sentence, BB Creams (also called Blemish Balms) were created as a multi-tasking product (often with SPF, extra hydration or oil control properties, anti-wrinkle and or whitening benefits amongst others) that works similar to foundation but is meant to offer some potential skincare benefits for your face.

Maybelline NewYork
was one of the first large brands to introduce a drugstore BB Cream in Asia and is currently still one of the best-sellers. So popular in fact that they have now released multiple versions of it (as seen below) and they have put out a MOUSSE bb cream. [Been trying to ask me BF to find it…so far no luck]
Maybelline BB Cream

Bobbi Brown
has released a BB cream as well featuring 3 shades with yellow undertones.

this is (in Asia) part of their Prep and Prime line. I especially love their SPF50 sunscreen primer and this sounded very promising even though it does have lower SPF. I’m pretty confident in MAC, just wish they’d release it here and/or make it cheaper too.
I believe this one is one of the newer brands to jump in and I’ve just heard about this recently when I saw it on one of my favourite ebay stores.
launched this as part of their CyberWhite collection. I know some of the Cyberwhite products are available in N. America but I can’t be sure about the BB Cream though I think many people would likely be interested in them.

as one of the biggest contenders in the international market, Lancome jumped into the BB Cream market quite early, releasing it also as part of its sunscreen line. Lancome is very well known for their SPF products so this is certainly a brilliant move to catch a rising market.

Right now, I’m just hoping that Maybelline will be smart to break into the market here. I’ve seen a couple of their products that were good sellers in Asia break into the Western Market (such as the gel liner) so fingers crossed that this is comming!

At least you’ll know what to ask for if you have a family or friend who is visiting Asia. If you are desperately seeking them, I have seen these sold on ebay (such as AlphaBeautyUK) or from, both great sources for overseas cosmetics.

So what do you think? 
Would you be interested in trying out a BB Cream from one of these major brands if they ever released it internationally?

3 thoughts on “BeautyNews: US Brands take on BB Creams in Asia

  1. Anonymous says:

    So far I haven't even tried the original BB creams. But yeah, I would definitely be interested in trying out the western ones. In particulat I hope shiseido comes up wiht a bb cream actually./ 😀


  2. Anonymous says:

    I have the maybelline one on the left. It's not as good as skin79. Looks very cakey. Have you tried the original missha BB cream? I tried it for the first time today and I like it so far. I'm not a fan of the missha signature because it has a pink undertone so it didn't match my yellow skin and it's very sticky. Itching to buy the haba labo bb cream now…need to stop reading your blog =D


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