Tutorial: Miliyah Kato inspired Gyaru makeup (加藤 ミリヤ)

For all you Gyaru lovers out there, I hope this will be a good post for you. Today’s makeup tutorial is inspired by Miliyah Kato who I’ve seen sporting a retro type of Gal look recently in magazines.

Miliyah Kato insp Gyaru MakeupLook

I really like that this look uses earth tones but still manages to bring intensity to the eyes. If you’re looking to know how its done, keep on reading!

Miliyah wears a couple of looks, I’ll show you some photos of what they look like. My version is a mix of these but mainly focusing on her heavily lined eyed look.

Miliyah Kato

Miliyah Kato

Miliyah Kato
As always, here is my unedited photo. 
Pores. Spots. Everything.
The black shadow/line is more intense in real life though.
No matter what you do, cameras wash you out more or less.

Miliyah Kato insp Gyaru MakeupLook

 Let’s start off with the products I’ve used….

Miliyah insp. Gyaru makeup---products

  • Maybelline Pure Mineral mineral gel foundation “W01”
  • Maybelline Dream mousse blush “Whipped Strawberry”
Miliyah insp. Gyaru makeup---products
  • MUFE AquaEyes eyeliner “Black”
  • N.Y.C. BrowZing “Brunette” 

Miliyah insp. Gyaru makeup---products

  • Carmex lipbalm, MAC Lipstick “Way to Love”, VS Lipgloss
  • ETUDE House ColourCorset #1

Miliyah insp. Gyaru makeup---products
  • PIXI Natural Mineral Kit “No.3 St. Tropez”
  • Ebay lashes

 With all that out of the way, 
time to get down to the video!
Miliyah Kato insp Gyaru MakeupLook
I hope you liked this look and try it out sometime ^-^
And please link me a photo if you do test it out, I’d love to see it.
Miliyah Kato insp Gyaru MakeupLook

See you next time.

5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Miliyah Kato inspired Gyaru makeup (加藤 ミリヤ)

  1. JC ♔ says:

    You look so gorgeous, I wish I looked half as good without any editing. I love the makeup–I have Way to Love and it honestly looks a thousand times better on you.


  2. Suki says:

    You are so cute in this look (I never heard of Miliyah Kato but I love her emphasis on blush and lashes!) and I don't think you need editing at all! *goes to watch the video*


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