Bookworm: Lauren Luke Looks

I’m quite sure that this post needs no introduction…if you are at all interested in makeup looks on Youtube, I’m quite certain that you’ve encountered panacea81.
She’s been turning out a plenthora of beauty looks for the online community since she first began and by now have become the founder of her own makeup line, sold in SEPHORA and is the author of her own makeup book.

Let me introduce you to Lauren Luke.
 Laure Luke Looks_Cover

Today’s BOOKWORM post will be a review and look at her book called Lauren Luke Looks. It’s a small fun little book that brings you her tips on makeup application and (here’s the great part) shows you how to replicate the elements of the celebrity stars that we admire.

Laure Luke Looks_contents

And there are certainly plenty of looks to choose from including American lovelies like Katy Perry to lassies across the pond like Cheryl Cole. Her book mainly focuses on wearable makeup that is meant to be easy to wear but stylish at the same time.

Watch my video to hear more about the book!

As I mentioned, one of my favourite sections in the book is her guide on eyecolour/haircolour and makeup colour coordination. Here she categorizes each combination including grey eyes and red hair….characteristics that I often see left out of other similar books.
Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates
Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates
Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates
Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates

Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates

Lauren Luke Look--Cordinates

I also want to show you a full example of one of her makeup looks, this one is inspired by Taylor Swifts’ young and flirty makeup.
*Click to enlarge on Flickr*
LaureLukeLooks_Taylor Look 1

LaureLukeLooks_Taylor Look 2
LaureLukeLooks_Taylor Look 3

Oh and in case you were wondering about that questionable “VINTAGE GOLD” makeup look? Here it is!

LaureLukeLooks_Vintage gold

I really think that she should have used a gold shimmer lipgloss instead of gilding her lips…doesn’t flatter her skintone at all.

Overall though, I feel that Lauren Luke Looks is a book fitting for someone looking for a fun light read that encompasses a wide range of easy and wearable looks. Certainly if you are often looking for celebrity makeup looks, thi
s is one to check out. Or of course, if you just think Lauren is an amazing person in what she has accomplished…there’s no stopping you from getting this book.
A big applause to Lauren for putting herself out there and making her own path!
LaureLukeLooks_Ashley Tisdale

Hope you enjoyed the review and scans.
See you tomorrow!

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