Skin Whitening VS. Skin Tanning


I want to share my thoughts on a topic that floats around in the beauty community but is rarely discussed in depth. Skin whitening products have been around for decades now; their use and the effect it has on images of beauty fluctuates depending on the culture and its own history on ideals of beauty.

I have reviewed many skincare products and a number of them contain skin-whitening properties. Being naturally very fair, I enjoy using these products for several reasons:

  • Evening out my over-all skintone: parts of my face tans much faster than others and in the summer especially, colours can vary two shades from my forehead to the rest of my face.
  • My body (natural skincolour) is fair and my face tends to be darker.
  • My fair skin scars very easily and the early years of acne problems have left scars that are only recently started to fade. Whenever I get a new spot, its still likely to leave a darker mark which is very obvious on my fair skin.

Ideas about Skin Whitening and Skin Tanning are not so clearly defined.

Watch the video to hear more on the topic

The view of “healthy and tan” (either from the sun or faux tanning) can be seen as a modern emerging concept, I’m sure the ladies of the Elizabethan Era in Europe had different ideas with their white talc powders. My point here is that if it is done for the correct reasons, using safe products (no bleaching creams okay?), there is no reason that one shouldn’t enhance their skin colour.
The key word here is “enhance“.
As I said in the video,
If you are naturally fair, 
make your fair skin the most beautiful state that it can be.
If you have naturally tan/dark skin,
make your tan skin the most beautiful tan skin it can be.
 What matters is the state of your skin, not the colour of it. Wanting blemish-free skin is universal and I think that the use of products to achieve it is often misunderstood. I am not talking about changing your skin colour from naturally dark to suddenly pale, but rather targeting dark spots and giving luminosity to the skin.
Skin-whitening products can be extremely helpful for those who suffer from…
  • Acne scarring (often from teenage years)
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sunspots (often in more mature women)
  • and many others…

I am glad to say that I am finally seeing some of these skin-whitening products emerging in the Canada & USA because I am sure many people can benefit from them to help clear up their skin from spots and blemishes.

Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments 
or on my video page!

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