How to apply false lashes: Monolids & Double eyelids

Today’s post is a follow-up to my previous video on “How to choose false lashes”. This time, I want to share how to actually apply them since it does tend to be one of those things that can be quite intimating…

The secret to a successful application?
Much practice and finding methods that make YOU comfortable. You’ll find that I bend alot of the “standardized rules” on makeup application because I find that other methods either work faster or just suit my needs better.
False lash tutorial

I wear false lashes all the time because they give me maximum impact in the least amount of time. It actually takes me longer to curl my lashes and apply mascara (to my desired liking) than it takes for me to put on some falsies.

Your tools
  1. False lashes of your choice
  2. False eyelash glue (waterproof ones are best)
  3. Tweezers are optional
  4. Small scissors to cut/trim your lashes
  5. Eyelash curler & mascara (this is optional, but great to do if you want that perfectly stylized and impeccable lash look.)
For this demonstration, I didn’t do the curler and mascara step as I find that my thin lashes aren’t that noticeable at all in day to day situations. Of course, you’ll be able to see them in these up-close photographs but in real life most people don’t notice at all. If you do have thicker/darker lashes however, I do suggest that you take the time to do the extra step.

Here’s a look at the monolid eye

False lashes---Monolids

I used a lengthening, hard-backbone lash to create lift in the eye (and sneakily create a “false” double-eyelid that looks natural when you blink!)

Here’s the double-eyelid eye

False eyelashes--Double eyelid

For this eye, I used a fuller type of clear wire/invisible backbone lash for a more seamless look.

And here’s the video to show you how I did it
(including how to fix a falling eyelash)

Now go out there and try it out. I think once you start wearing them, you’ll be a little addicted to how they make your eyes stand out.


Remember, have plenty of patience (oh and try not to get glue on your real lashes… lol). I think the main obstacle is getting comfortable with putting something so close to your eye and making sure you don’t blink too much during the gluing process.

3 thoughts on “How to apply false lashes: Monolids & Double eyelids

  1. Pinkie says:

    I'm in the process of reading all your blog posts and came to this one 🙂 Thank you so much for the instruction! I've always wanted to try false lashes but never knew how to apply them. :pAlso, thanks for all the blog posts and videos on YouTube. They are so helpful!


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