Ohhh what to wear?

Oh don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up. But I really don’t encounter the opportunity to get all fancied up to an event. So when an event does wack me over the head, I am stunned at what to wear.

Certainly my closet is full of “everyday clothes”…not all of them I like but things that I can put together and feel decent. I do own a couple of pieces that I adore but they won’t cut it as formal wear or semi-formal.

So while I contemplate on what to wear….I thought I’d share some beautiful dresses I saw when surfing ASOS (for the very first time mind you).

Whats so funny as I was clicking through the pages is that…why are there holes everywhere? I know there’s this whole thing about cut-outs being sexy but honestly, I don’t want to feel like parts of my dress are missing. It was hard to find a dress in there that isn’t sliced all over, have holes or isn’t a mini. I think there are certainly other options of sexy and fashion-forward than short and holey.

As for where I am going and what I am going to wear? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow …maybe I’ll even do a video Outfit-of-the-Day.

Back to closet hunting.

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