Demo: How to use cleansing oils! | video

Hello out there!

I hope this will be a good video for all you skincare lovers out there. If you’ve never tried it before, cleansing oils are a great way to remove makeup, getting rid of clogged pores and also for face massage!

Lines that carry cleansing oil products in Canada & USA

  • MAC
  • Lancome
  • Dermalogica
  • L’Occitaine
  • Origins
  • Shu Uemura
  • Josie Maran (just launched one)

They are very easy to find in the Asian market, especially in Japan so take a look at your favourite Asian supermarket or your favourite Japanese product online retailer. They are often much much cheaper than the North American versions.


3 thoughts on “Demo: How to use cleansing oils! | video

  1. alysiahh says:

    Haha, yea I noticed that using oil cleansing products are really good for taking off make up. I think I like the DHC one better than the Missha one. I feel like the Missha one doesn't strip the make up off as well as the DHC Milk/Oil cleanser. Will probably buy another bottle from them when I run out of MIssha. Lol! I still have another bottle of it and I'm not even done with my first T_T


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