BeautyNews: BB Cream MOUSSE?!?!

I was shrieking about this when I found out…apparently it’s not on the official Maybelline China website yet but seriously…check. this. out.

***For those that can’t understand Mandarin…just watch the video clip, I think you’ll get the gist of what he’s trying to say!

小凯老师 talking about the new Maybelline Mousse BB!


It rather reminds me of the Shu Uemura UV base which also comes in a can mousse form (in fact, I think that Shu just revamped their mousse base line this Spring for 2011).

A couple of Taiwanese bloggers have already been talking about this. You can see PICTURES from one of them, HERE.

I’m just so excited that a drugstore brand like Maybelline is putting out some interesting innovative stuff out there. Really hoping to be able to get my hands on it this summer *haha!*

Hang in there guys, new review video about some NARS items coming up soon….


3 thoughts on “BeautyNews: BB Cream MOUSSE?!?!

  1. alysiahh says:

    Hey!That's kind of cool. Makes me want to try it, but I kind of fear that it might be a bit oily. Looking at the girl's picture… I think it looks or appears oily lol. Cake-y maybe? Iono. However I would like to try it… maybe if i read more reviews on it lol when it comes out.


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