I think its about time for a skincare update!
These are the items that I have been using for the past winter and they have really served me well. I feel that my skincare has become much simpler and easier in the past months and I am currently not using any daily acne care items either.


Skincare update

Check out the video for details!

  • -Clarisonic MIA– One of the best investments I made for my skin, really clears my pores and makes my skin smooth and improve skin texture.

  • Shiseido Perfect Whip cleanser–A very affordable and worthwhile cleanser for combination skin that leaves you fresh every time.
  • -PONDS Pore White cleansing foam—Not a heavy duty cleanser and it doesn’t foam very much but its very gentle and leaves me soft.
  • -Rosette Hello Kitty cleansing wash—Need a little exfoliation? This is a good balance between cleanser and exfoliator in one step.
  • -HadaLabo Shiryojun Whitening toner & moisturizer—-Incredible. Tackles dry skin and leaves you moist and comfortable all day.
  • -SANA Hadanomy Collagen toner & moisturizer—Super collagen indeed but can be bit sensitive for those with reactive skin. I can’t use this every night but it DOES leave me very plump and moisturized.
  • -Clinique Clarifying Lotion #2—-Not the best but I keep it around for treating breakout areas and extra oily spots.

Hope this gives you some ideas for skincare.
Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “SKINCARE ROUTINE 3.2011

  1. Charlene says:

    When it comes to moisturizing, I used to use the Clinique moisture surge! I loved the fact that it was oil free and was a gel consistency. Other lotions normally clog my pores and break me out. But…that's getting pricey. So if you ever want to use something that really moisturizes your face, try the Garnier Moisture Rescue. It's practically the same thing! Only 30 dollars cheaper baha. I do notice it has a slight oil in it, I'm assuming is from the grapefruit extract? But it hasn't bugged me. 🙂 I like to use these all year round.


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