Review: MAC Lipsticks & Lipglass [swatches]

I have fond memories of owning my first MAC lipstick, it was my first ever MAC item after all and I purchased it along with an eyeliner pencil.

Since then I have always looked up to MAC for quality lipsticks that performs beautifully, in colours and textures that can take you from everyday cute to all out glam and creative.

MAC Lipstick 

As you see, the MAC lipcolours I do own are pretty neutral leaning on pinks and nudes. That is because they are the most wearable for me and go well with my everyday look.

The Good…
  • Unbelievable range of colour selection and finishes.
  • Limited edition options to satisfy those hard to please and adventurers.
  • No [traditional] waxy texture or feeling, applies with ease & applies evenly.
  • Amplified cream formula have incredibly wear (the sheerer Glaze and Lustre types have shorter wear but still good) as do the majority of their finishes.
  • Well packaged and sturdy, not going to break or loose cap.
  • No feathering or “bleeding”.
  • True to tube colour and fantastic opacity.
  • Pleasant vanilla scent!
MAC Lipstick Swatch
The Bad…
  • Bad? What bad?”    I am happy with this for a department store product!

On the subject of lips, I can’t forget to mention their popular

MAC Lipglass

  • As with the lipsticks these comes in a large variety of colours/finishes ranging from sparkly sheers to creamy opaque colours.
  • Their cream formulas really pack some colour! Great for those looking for a coloured gloss.
  • Helloooo vanilla scent!
  • Small compact design.
  • Longlasting and coats the lips well.

MAC Lipgloss Swatch

The BAD…
  • The thickness/texture can be a bit gooey.
  • May settle into fine lines on lips slightly.
  • Not moisturizing (though I never counted on gloss to be moisturizing nor did this advertise to be that way either.)

A staple product in my collection and I think MAC Lipsticks and I are going to have many more blissful years to share!

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