My Hair Diary: L’Oreal Preference haircolour TB61

Hair colour had been one of the things that I got into early. It has the ability to transform your total look, it can be a subtle tint or an impactful total makeover. Either way, I think haircolour can most definitely change your mood and the your confidence.


You might be born with one haircolour but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the one that you feel most happy or confident with. Personally, I prefer a lighter shade as I think it makes my features less severe and gives me a more interesting appearance.

1st Gyaru look (2)

If you recall, this was my previous haircolour. Yes this came from a box, it was dark brown but it is relatively close in intensity to my natural colour which is a soft black.

But with the help of L’Oreal’s Superior Preference…I’m back to my light brown locks!
I’ve talked about this product before but now I have real swatches and more details to share with you all.

L'Oreal Superior Preference Haircolour TB61

Lets see whats inside…

L'Oreal Superior Preference Haircolour contents

This haircolour is easy to use, effective and even has a REAL GLOVES (not pictured because they are wrapped inside the instruction manual.)

L'Oreal Preference TB61--2
-Absolutely lightens my black hair to a medium/light brown shade, no bleach required.
-Is less brassy/orange than any other haircolour that I have used.
-Leaves hair in fairly good condition after colouring. After multiple hair colours, it has yet to feel like straw…and that’s a great thing.
-Phenomenal after-colour conditioner (that I wish they sold in separate tubes).
-Fairly minimal stinging when in contact with scalp.

L'Oreal Preference TB61 ingredients

Watch the video to hear more about my hair experience 
and L’Oreal Superior Preference.

With all that being said, lets see some REAL results shall we? Be noted that the “before” photo, I do have my hair coloured (but with the same product), the difference can definitely be seen in my highlights.
Unfortunately I do not have a full head “natural hair” photo but please compare with the gyaru photo above (dark brown) for reference.

L'Oreal Preference TB61 Swatch

The BAD…
-“Oh the SMELL”, there is no scent/fragrance to mask the ammonia and other chemical smells.

And in case you were curious about the bleach I use and the “purple shampoo” featured in my video.

My hair bleach--Jerome Russel

I’ve only used this shampoo about 2-3times but I can already see the results from the tint. For me, it seemed to be more effective than the John Freida set.

Magic Lights shampoo


I might just end up using this product forever…really it is that good for me because it is easy to use and it’s a one step process that delivers close to its promised results. I have been absolutely impressed with its performance while leaving hair in a manageable condition. Yes you WILL have damage from permanent hair colour, you just have to learn how to do the extra steps to care for it. If you are looking to lighten your hair, give this one a shot.

 Hope you enjoyed this post!

7 thoughts on “My Hair Diary: L’Oreal Preference haircolour TB61

  1. Melissa Pham says:

    Hello!I stumbled upon your blog while searching “how to lighten asian hair” on youtube. I've been searching for a hair dye product that would lighten my hair, and I really love your review and video on this product. I think that I will give it a try!I had a few purple and blue colored streaks in my hair about a year and a half ago, and when I got tired of that, I just dyed all my hair black again. Big mistake! The colored streaks that I had was the first time I put any bleach/dye in my hair. And to cover it up, I should've used a dark brown not black! It turned out waaay darker than my natural black hair color. Anyway, I just dealt with it and hoped that it would fade soon! I waited about 5 months, and decided to go lighter, but I didn't want to bleach my entire head as that would be the only way to color over the black! So I went for highlights, having my sister (she's a hair stylist) bleach streaks throughout my hair and then dyeing over that with a medium golden brown-ish color. That was back in October. Yesterday, I decided to try coloring my hair again, with the leftover color that I had from doing my highlights. I don't know how long it takes for black hair dye to fade, if ever, so before the brown hair dye, I used a “color remover” from loreal. It was just a box kit thing from the drugstore, I used it, and I'm not sure if it removed the black from a year ago, but it made my highlighted parts like a red orange color! Scary. Anyway, I used the brown dye (my sister used half a tube of light golden brown and half a tube of light natural brown) and…it didn't do much. Just covered the orangey red, to a slightly brownish color that only shows up in the light. But I really want lighter brown hair! So hopefully this product will work! I'm still not sure, since I did put the black dye all over my hair…but it's been a year, so it has to have faded by now, right??Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for recommending this product! And sorry for the looong story about my hair dye experiences, haha. -Melissa


  2. PBunnieP says:

    @Melissa PhamHi Melissa,I'm glad you found my post helpful. I've had a bit of a hair craze myself dying it from red to purple, blonde and black and probably just being very bad to my hair. LOLHave a great day and come back soon !


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi hun, I use the same product, you look great, just wanted to comment that I go to and buy 12 tubes of the conditioner (conditioner alone) also on ebay some people sell it, I guess they may have hair salons or something and have no use for the individual tubes, in any case I too swear by the product and wouldn't live without the,


  4. Michelle Ahn says:

    I'm wondering what type of dye you used for your “original darker brown,” it's a gorgeous dark brown and exactly what I want. I have dark black asian hair, and this would be my first time attempting to dye it, but thats exactly the shade of brown I want!!


  5. PBunnieP says:

    I believe it was L'Oreal's “Perfect Ten” in dark brown? Remember that I used this over pre-lightened hair, I can't say how it would work on on very black natural hair though. I've got a feeling it won't be strong enough.


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