Interview with Dany Sanz –MakeupForever

I had recently picked up the new issue of ELLE magazine the other day and happened upon this intriguing interview with Dany Sanz. She is the creator of one of my favourite brands, MakeupForever.

Here in this article she discusses her concept of style and the way its reflected through her eyes….

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and then enlarge for the full size*

Elle Feb2010 Dany Sanz

Maybe its something about being French or being an artist (or both together) but from these brief few lines I get a sense that she is a woman who speaks her ideas with great wisdom (albiet perhaps different from yours). For example, I can not help but agree with her point about foundation as the number 1 thing that women skip in makeup that is the biggest mistake.

She says:
If you go outside without any makeup, its a mistake. Everything is green and you look ugly.

Though its a very brash and certainly unapologetic way of putting it, she does make a point (though she never said you had to wear full coverage or heavy makeup!).

She also mentions the concept of “style” in relationship to different cultures….I won’t spoil it but its definitely worthwhile to click the ENLARGE button and read it for yourself.

On another note…I have been seeing ALOT of ads about the Maybelline Fit-Me foundations and I have looking for it every time I go to the drugstore.


Maybelline Fit-Me Ad
*I am loving the look of the packaging, the concept and everything! So excited for this.*

I am itching to get my hands on this one. I hope we’ll get it soon.


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