HAUL-a-days: Hello Kitty, Hadalabo and Japanese BB Cream

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all cozy and enjoying the last bits of the holidays. Just want to share some more holidays goodies with you; a couple online items and a trip down to the States.

Hadalabo skincare

As you know, I have been raving all about the HADALABO skin whitening range, it has really impressed me with its gentle but effective ingredients. Since Mum has just run out of her face cream (which had been the Skinfood Tomato range that i gave her), I thought I’d share some HADALABO love with her. They were out of the whitening toner so I just got the regular one….of course I might also sneak a bit for myself from her large bottle. *hehhehe*

Freshel White BB Cream

Do I honestly need another foundaion/bb cream product? No. But I had been eyeing this item from Freshel for AGES. Having tried many Korean BB Creams and not finding my HG, I was interested in Japanese BB Creams because they tend to have better colours for my skintone. I order this one along with the HADALABO and so far I am quite pleased with it. The colour is visibly better and it offers surprisingly good coverage without feeling masky at all.


This is my little bit of loot from WALMART down the border, where prices are (as usual) measurably cheaper than here. I had been looking forward to the CCO but they didn’t have much in stock so I turned my attention to Walmart. I was thrilled to find that they had the NYC Cream blush sticks as a permanent item so I picked one up to try. Oh and yes…..must stock up on medz for my spots. Here in Canada, we are only allowed 5% B.P. in the drugstore but down the border they allow 10%.


Yes there is a reason that I save this one for last! HOW CUTE is the Hello Kitty face wash? WAAAAAY CUTE! This is a AHA face wash from Rosette Japan (you may have seen the blue (acne) and pink (collagen) versions of this). It contains little scrubbie particles and while I dont think it claims to be whitening, I found that my complexion was brighter and translucent after washing with this! *secret happy dance*
Also in the picture are BonneBell LipLites lipgloss and Maybelline Mascara. Nothing to be too excited about but both are great items. The lipgloss gives you that cute pale pout for those with medium pigment lips, great for a girly or gyaru look.

That is all for today! Tomorrow will be a great new post, so please come back …in a couple hours *lol*


4 thoughts on “HAUL-a-days: Hello Kitty, Hadalabo and Japanese BB Cream

  1. jezebella says:

    I really like your blog and YouTube channel. You seem very down-to-earth and I'm also totally addicted to skincare products. I'm really happy that you're expanding.Good luck!! I'm rooting for you! :)P.S. If I can make a suggestion, you should change the font on your banner. It doesn't match the picture and looks a little unprofessional. (The picture is great though.)


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