Haul-a-days: SANA, SkinFood BB Cream and more

HeLLo Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the new layout. I’ve been meaning to change up my blog layout to something more exciting for a long time now but I’ve just never had the time to really sit down and do it. It does take a long time to choose all the things and adjust and re-adjust (only because I’m picky about it).

I think it looks much more colourful! There are still some minor details but I think this is what it will look like for the most part.

I’ve been waiting for this package to arrive for AGES. It felt like forever before I saw the big brown package in my mailbox. As you guys know I’ve been happily using my HadaLabo for the past couple of months but when I saw this new line by SANA, it was just too cute to pass up. Not to mention, since I gave my California baby cream to my Mum I’ve been needing something for nighttime.

Say hello to…..SANA HADANOMY!

SANA Hadanomy

I had been debating between getting the spray toner or the emulsion but I figured that I’m not one to use sprays too much to begin with (they are too messy for me) that I would try the emulsion. I’ve only used it once so far but it does certainly look very pretty on my shelf! I love how the packaging is super simple, plastic but sooooo cute! The little lace detail is adorable.
The line boasts 1000mg of collagen, with honey and acerola extracts! *OOOOOooooo fancy*

Second package to come is my new BB Cream. I think I’m really having a total love/hate relationship with BB Cream now. I find that most of them are really bad in terms of colour match even if I like other aspects of it, I can’t walk around with my face and different tone than the rest of my skin. Though most people probably can’t tell. It really bothers me to no end!

Skinfood Red Bean BBCream

This is the newest edition to Skinfood’s BB Cream line. Its supposed to contain RED BEAN extract…though I’m not completely sure what type of skincare function red bean has (supposedly whitening?) the packaging seems very fitting for wintertime. Smells super amazing and the colour match is MUCH better than my Skin79….might have to retire that one.

Lastly, here’s a couple things I’ve picked up from the drugstore on sale. If your a frequent makeup aisle visitor, you’ve probably come across these limited edition version (?) Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks…in PEARL finishes. While the regular version of this lipstick packs a good punch in colour pigmentation, these guys are quite sheer.
If you do happen to spot them on sale, I think its very much worth picking up because they give the lips a pretty shimmery (slightly frosty) sheen.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Pearl

Picked up these Revlon topcoats on a whim. I think I need to stop getting nail polish now. Why? Because my box can’t fit any more bottles inside.
I think I eventually just need to paint each finger a different colour *lol*

Revlon Glitter TopCoat

Though they look sparkly and colourful in the bottle, there is actually little different between the red and purple colours. The sparkles are surprisingly fine. However, I do still prefer the Covergirl topcoat….much more sparkly!

Hope you are all listening to Christmas music, because that is what I’m doing all day….*hehehe*


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