Upgrade Skin79 Gold Caviar BBCream

Skin70 Gold Caviar BB Cream

I’ve talked extensively about my experiences with BB Creams and while some are better than others, I have yet to find my PERFECT BB Cream. *sad face*
However, this one by Skin79 is really as close to perfect as I have found so far.

I have previously reviewed the older version of this BB Cream HERE but now they have recently released an UPGRADED version. Ooooooooooooooo how fancy, I ordered it partly with the hopes that they have improved some of the issues that I had with it before.

But first, let’s look at the good parts….

Skin70 Gold Caviar BB Cream

I definitely appreciate the smaller packaging and the authentication label. After using it for a while, I would say this new version is moisturizing for LONGER than the previous one. But other than that, the difference is not huge. I still rather like this BB Cream because of the creamier texture, the nice scent and the fact that it lessens my chances of turning into a raisin in the winter time.

Skin70 Gold Caviar BB Cream

My one and only GRIPE about this product?

This is my biggest problem with the majority of BB Creams and hence why I still use foundation so much. I can’t quite seem to find a BB Cream with the right tone for my skin. Alot of other BB Cream are oily controlling (which I don’t need most of the time) and the moisturizing ones tend to be too thick and BOTH kinds always have wrong colour.

Skin70 Gold Caviar BB Cream_ingredients

Hence this foundation really makes me look just a little pasty. On me there is a slightly noticeable colour cast at first(but maybe only because I’m super-sensitive to these things) but after a few minutes I find it does do some adjusting and warms to my skintone. If I plan on wearing this by itself then I only wear this on casual days like running to the post office and such. For real events where I need to look fabulous, I always stick to foundation instead.

Hope this helps out those who are looking for BB Creams, you can check out my reviews on other BB Creams by clicking on the “BB CREAM” label on the right hand side column.

Have a great day Everybody 🙂


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