HAUL : Cute Etude polish, cheap haircare & accessories!

Lots of goodies coming your way. I’ve picked up some great fun things on my trips out Christmas shopping and while looking for items for others, sometimes you run into unexpected deals.
Another cheapie haul here, hope you guys enjoy it.
What the video first 🙂
I’ve got more stuff to tell you later.

Etude House NailPolish

First up, aren’t these guys just DARLING?!?!
I find them super irresistible not only because of their cute packaging but also the colours as well. And while I am not [as] excited about the darker grey/blue colour, I would still count this as a fabulous set. I hope for many good things from Etude House *hearts*

Daiso chocolate mirror

This was not in the video because of time constraints [had to cut off some parts] but I still think its worthwhile to show especially if you happen to go to Daiso next time. Its shelved along with the key chains and cellphone charms.
I already have a “chocolate” hair comb and this mirror just makes me feel uber cute….errr…or at least feel like I have an uber cute mirror.

H&M Jewelry

I have not gone accessory hunting for a long time mainly because right now I am working on acquiring pieces that I would wear more often, I used to have quite an extensive collection of jewelry pieces that are rarely worn. So, after having made my new DIY Jewelry Box, I decided it was the right time to pair down and re-organize my things. I was also looking to add some more items to my newly cleaned out collection and these bracelets at H&M were just the thing that tickled my fancy.

Drugstore haircare

A slew of hair items here from Dollarama and my local Shoppers. I’m really loving all the “new” items that Dollarama is acquiring lately. It gives me the opportunity to take some risks without breaking the bank. And not to mention I have been really impressed by some the products that I have previously picked up at the dollar store. So *thumbs up*.

And lastly…….LENA FUJII really doesn’t need any explanation…..

Vivi Magazine

And now…its time to reveal my big secret. Well, maybe I’ll just say a little hint because I don’t have everything planned out yet. BUT!

There will be a MAJOR RENOVATION of my blog and YouTube channel coming up soon. And its not just about how the layout looks etc, but I’m really thinking of settling down with this blogging business seriously and start investing myself more productively in it.

For now…things will go as they are, you guys will still get lots of blog love but do look out for changes!

Nites and have a good sleep.

2 thoughts on “HAUL : Cute Etude polish, cheap haircare & accessories!

  1. Jessy says:

    i luv the etude hosue nailpolishes, they look so creamy, are easy to apply???anmd i luv got2be haiur product espeically when they goes on sale on shoppers so cheap and so good


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