Magazine Demo: Ace your base! Winter foundation.

As one of my favourite makeup artist said: “No matter how great your eyeshadow or other makeup, it wont matter unless you have a flawless base.

Makeup Makeovers--model

And really, I couldn’t agree more. [Now that is not to say that I can really put that standard on myself to try and get it perfect….but that’s a story for another post.]

I adore this look by makeup artist Robert Jones who has published a couple of books on what he calls “makeup transformations”. It is a neutral (not natural mind you, neutral) but seductive look and although I’m sure the studio lighting and a photoshop does help, as a makeup artist you really shouldn’t depend on the editing people to “fix” your makeup flaws. The makeup needs to be as perfect in person as possible.

So here I am sharing with you a couple of pages I scanned off of an older edition of CanCam magazine talking about apply foundation/base. In Japan, makeup is often seen as a form of respect for the people that you see/meet everyday. Base is one of THE MOST important aspects of face makeup, even if they wearing natural looks the skin takes top priority. Unless they are going for a very particular stylized look, you rarely see super MATTE skin in tutorials/magazines (though I may be slightly biased as I tend to read particular magazines…but even with the others’ I’ve browsed there seems to be a consensus.)

CanCam 10-2008--2
This is a very typical “OL” look; which is short for “office lady” but I think its a very nice look for day to day. Here they focus on the steps of applying base/foundation. Mind you I dont read or speak a word of Japanese (ok, fine maybe I can speak a total of 10 words) but what I love is how these magazines are very picture based so we can follow along with out too much trouble.

CanCam 10-2008--1

*Lets check out the step-by-step guide…please follow the numbers since I didn’t put the two pages side by side.

Products used that I can identify:
A:Moisturizing makeup base [Exage ]
B:Highlighter/base [Esprique Precious]
C:Maquicreme Infinite Comfort Foundation [Lancome Asia exclusive]
D: Foundation brush
E:Concealer [Clinique]
F: Illuminating/concealer pen
G: Loose powder [Awake]
H: Powder puff [Shiseido]

CanCam 10-2008--4

CanCam 10-2008--3

*Note that before Step #1, the model is giving herself a face massage with a face cream [Ayura brand]…many Japanese magazines stress this as an essential pre-step to applying your makeup. It makes the skin more resilient and moisturized which in turn makes the makeup go on smoother and stick better 🙂

Its also interesting to see that they are using 2 different concealers! The pen concealer is used for the eyelid and the inner corners [I feel light it probably has some highlighting properties.]
The Clinique concealer is used for under the eyes, corners of the nose and smile lines.

Here they introduce some great foundation options for wintertime. I spot a couple that i recognize!

*From this page I have tried the Shiseido Maquillage Climax moisture foundation.

CanCam 10-2008--6

*From this page I have tried the Clinique MoistureSurge (Canadian/US Version) The formula kicks butt but the North American colour choices for Clinique are horrid. Just horrid. I may pick up an Asia colour online for winter.

CanCam 10-2008--7
*From this page I have tried the Revlon Beyond Natural.

CanCam 10-2008--8

*From this page I have tried the Dior Compact foundation*

Hope this was useful, I always enjoy looking at makeup pictures ^-^”
I’m planning to do my base haircolor tomorrow so perhaps that will be the post tomorrow. The next video will likely be a Joico K-Pak review!
Lots to do….so little time.

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