HairDiary: New Cut ~Ack I should have known!

Hi Everyone,

HairDiary 09-19-2010

I went to go get my hair cut yesterday. I have this love-hate relationship with long hair; there comes to a point where I find it too time consuming to take care of so I go and cut it but almost everytime I leave feeling as if I shouldnt’ have cut it >.>””

Well then here it is!
I am still rather indecisive about the front bang but on the other hand I was getting tired of my side fringe so I just told the hairstylist to cut it. Errrr bad decision? Dunnno v.v

HairDiary 09-19-2010

I think what I failed to take into consideration is the fact that I do have a bit of natural texture to my hair, therefore for a style like this, I need to do ALOT of styling to keep it smooth and bouncy. Probably too much work for my day to day ability. When I had longer hair, the natural texture just gives it a beachy/wavy look which was fine by me because I quite like messy hair.

This whole styling thing may need some getting used to >.>””

HairDiary 09-19-2010

I already started on the colouring process by bleaching my hair last night. Hmmm… will show you all when I’m done with it ALL together ^-^”

OOOOOOOOOOOOO also the mail-man came this morning and dropped off my new SkinFoood & Etude House stuff…I’ve also got some HadaLabo skincare comming so I’ll do a haul post/video when they’re all here!

Have a fabulous Day.

5 thoughts on “HairDiary: New Cut ~Ack I should have known!

  1. helen says:

    I love the cut and the colour on you! I think it suits you really well! However I've had bangs like yours before and it was too high maintenance for me to trim it every other week or something =( lol but I'm loving it on you =)


  2. Suki says:

    Oh, I think it looks really good on you!!! And I like that the hair is layered as well! I love bangs, because you can create so many looks with them: side-swept, classical straight, assymetrical… and they make plaits and chignons really classy! *wishes she had straight hair* ^.^''


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