HairDiary: Time to decide on a new look!

Hi Everybody!

Its now a good time into September, the weather is slowly getting more horrible here on the WestCoast which means….time for winter hair change! I have confess that I am one of those very strange people who want short hair in winter and long hair in summer. v.v””

Here’s what my hair looked like after I got it cut at Aveda in LA (This was either April or May)

Hair Diary-04-2010
*Sorry for the tired face, this was right after I got home from the airport.*

By now through all the months of sun and heat my hair has gotten very scraggly…*observe*

1)My roots are growing out horribly.
2)My hair is looking –*alittle—-dead.
3)The overall colour needs a boost.
4)It no longer has any style anymore v.v”

I’m planning to get the colouring done myself (as usual) using my trusted combo of L’Oreal Preference Hi-lift brown and my Jerome Russel bleach kit. But the hair cut part is a different story…..

I really want to try the new front fringe trend but I can’t decide if I really want to cut my hair medium length (though I probably should because the ends are really damaged from colour/sun).

Here are the couple I had been looking at…

Hairstyle Look 4

*Option 2*
Hairstyle Look 6

*Option 3*
Hairstyle Look 2

*Option 4*
[this is my “safe option” because I’m really not cutting it very short, just different bangs.]
Hairstyle Look 1

Have a favourite? Let me know!

Bunnie ^-^

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