Geo Angel Brown Lens (for non-contact wearers)

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my experience after “wearing” circle lenses for the first FIRRRST TIME EVERRRR.
I say “wear” apprehensively because the previous times, I couldn’t tolerate them for more than 10-15minutes.

*Sorry for the white bit, the eyelash glue hasn’t dried yet*
Yup. I am a lens virgin.

I have prescription glasses but I don’t need to wear it all the time, only for super serious geek mode.

So while I’ve read many reviews for lenses online/bloggers/youtubers, most people say that they are quite comfortable etc. However, most of them are contact lens wearers so I thought this would be helpful for those who have NEVER WORN contacts.


Putting them in:
I think I have some innate natural fear of getting things into my eye. I am fiercely afraid of eye-drops. So it wasn’t any surprise that I kept on blinking when trying to put on my lens, however this time it only took about 3-5minutes….much faster than the previous times. I believe this part is mostly just about practice and how comfortable/relaxed you are, if you’ve never worn contacts before, it can be really un-nerving to stick something onto your eyeball!

Geo AngelBrown

Here is what the lenses look like in their bottles. As you can see the dark outter ring is pretty obvious with a large “clear” hole in the middle. It is one of the most popular brown lenses out there. The purpose of CIRCLE LENSES are mainly:

  1. Change the colour of your eye.
  2. Enlarge the size of your eye. It does this because the diameter of the coloured part is larger than the size of the average eyeball. The diameter of circle lenses run anywhere from 14-14.5mm. Thus, when you wear them, your eyes are literally enlarged.
  3. Most of them can be bought with prescription and worn just like your regular contacts.

Lets seem them in action!
Geo Angel Brown CircleLens compare

Having previously tried the Geo Nudy Brown lenses, which were supposedly less contrasting and more natural, I actually found the Angel series to be much more fitted to my own eye-colour. Note my eyes are a lighter brown with a red or hazel tinge (depending on the lighting). The outter edges of the lens colour matched quite well with the lighter colour of my eyes.
Undetectable? No.
Reasonable natural? Yes.

I took these lenses for a 5hr testing, while my eyes did get sore by the 3-4th hour, it wasn’t unbearable. Unfortunately, I could FEEL THEM for the entire time therefore this is not a look that I can pull off day-to-day.


I’ll still keep these guys around since they have a ONE YEAR usage date, but it is definitely not something I would wear often. I’d really rather stick on double eyelid tape and false eyelashes and layer on the eyeliner before having to wear these guys out again.
But I do gotta say. It changes your whole face shape.
The super large eyes makes you face smaller and more delicate.
BUT…not worth it for me 😦
Hope that was informative, especially for those interested and have never worn contacts before.
Night night Everybody ^-^”

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