Haul: SkinFood products and old love goodies

Yes yes, I know I am still digging through my Project 10 Pan stash. But these were ordered before that started 🙂

I’ve always been interested in SkinFood products, they are a Korean based company that goes by the motto “fresh food for your skin”. Very literally. They take all kinds of fruits and veggies then combine them into their makeup, skincare, haircare products. [Broccoli sunscreen anyone?]
Beyond the concept of their brand, their packaging is also super darling.

So…are you ready for some SkinFood?

SkinFood Tomato

*This is their Tomato whitening range. As you may know, tomatos contain anti-oxidants and vitamins which help to clarify your skin. I purchased the serum and the day cream both of which come in nice weighty [but tough plastic] pump bottles.

Skinfood Mochi

*How darling is this?!?! This is a compact powder. I love that the design separates the puff from the powder with a plastic hinged plate that you can flip down when not in use. Everybody stays clean! Note how it comes packaged in a sealed packet [almost like a snack].

Next we have some goodies from buymebeauty.com
I picked up some discontinued goods are great prices.

Rimmel EyeGloss

*I totally remember this from like 5-7 years ago! They also had a blush in the same type of pan. This eye gloss is super metallic…just the way I like it.

Maybelline Coral Crush

*This is probably an over-stocked item. One of Maybellines’ new and probably best selling lipsticks. I picked up a nice bright coral.

Age Perfect Foundation

*So you all might be wondering why I need an –anti-aging foundation. [Or maybe you wonder why the heckers do I even need another foundie at all.] I tried this out maybe a year or so ago, because I really liked the concept of cream foundies. This one was smooth and light, didn’t break me out and just made my skin look so bright and luminous.

Almay Luxury Finish face powder

*Lastly, can you believe that I have NEVER, EVER owned a loose face powder? I’m wholey devote to my Guerlain Les Voilettes but I’m picky about the ingredients in my loose powders. Most “moist” powders contain mineral oil which is a big no-no for my skin. This one by Almay does not. It was soft but not too talc-ish.

HoPe you aLL have a FAB suNdaY 🙂

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