Fashion: Denim is BACK! Vintage and western styles take over ViVi

Here today to bring you the newest biggest thing in fashion from my favourite magazine ViVi. As much as I hate to accept it the “it” theme this season is denim and western styles. This includes everything from cowboy boots, lots of fringe, suede and of course the hillbilly hairdo….*hahhaha* Everyone is tying a scarf to their head.

*As always if you want to see a detail or enlarge, click on the photo to go to flickr.
Then choose “all sizes” and voila!*

ViVi March-2010 Denim trend

But western style doesn’t have to be all manly and grungy… non non non!
Check out how they mix up tough denim in sweet styles…think vintage floral and a little bit bohemian.

ViVi March-2010 Denim trend

ViVi March-2010 Denim trend

If the girly route isn’t your thing, you can definitely still do it the oldschool way by mixing greys and silvers into your outfit. Dont got for monochrome! Add texture and different washes for contrast 🙂
ViVi March-2010 Denim trend

I REALLY REALLY want a denim strapless tutu dress! SO CUTE its beyond.
ViVi March-2010 Denim trend

Accessories with a straw hat and leather details like Lena here.
ViVi March-2010 Denim trend
*Photo credits to my favourite place for up to date magazines, LiveJournal-jmagazinescans*

That’s all for today! See you all next time 🙂

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