Magazine: Summer Fashion and Japanese Hair stuff

I’ve been really into hair stuff lately and thought I’d have a go at some hair styling products. Now mind you, I’m completely nooob at styling hair although sometimes I get some accidental success. I never liked putting too much in my hair because it always felt very gross and gunky. However after some searching, I decided to try out some Japanese hair products. All these are available drugstore brands down there. Oh yes, some of them have Chinese stickers over them because they are also being sold in China, the seller is from HK think.

*As always, click the photo to go to flickr and then choose “all sizes” to enlarge. I always try to take pictures of the text in case anyone is interested. So please make it bigger if you can’t see it.*

First up: SALA Hair Wax…Airing Fibre type, you can see the fibres when I stretch the cream between my fingers. Yup, its a cream not a gel but it still has fibres! Oh-la-la! I think you are supposed to use it to keep your curls in place or to add texture to your hair.

SALA Airing Hair Fibre Wax

I’ve used it once (so far) and though it feels ever so slightly sticky when you first put it on, it soon dissipates and there is no gunky feeling at all. Very light smell and at the end of the day my hair actually felt SOFTER! Supposedly it contains all sorts of hair nourishing/repairing essence and stuff to condition your hair as you style! Why can’t we have products like that over here >.>””

Lucido-l Curling Lotion

Next up, Lucido-l Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion (Airy) its pretty much a pre-curling spray (its water not really lotion) to protect your hair and make your style last longer. Now we REALLY need some of this stuff around here, I hate having to use hairspray or mousse to make my curly hair. Its just too much stuff on my fine hair. Hair curling spray sounds so much better.
180mL and its supposed to have (again) hair conditioning ingredients like Panthenol (Vit B????) and no strong alcohol smell which is fab.

SPRING FASHION!!!Well I was reading some magz today and thought i’d share with ya’ll some of my favourite looks. Now, these aren’t NEW issues, just old ones I have laying around. I’m an avid Japanese magazine collector but I’m super picky about which ones I like.

Marie in bohemian style


Cute denim dresses



Pretty pretty Midori, she’s one of my favourite from Ray


Cute and casual summer hairstyle 🙂

Of course I can’t blog about cute girls without Lena: bohemian style and casual but seriously, how does she make a t-shirt look so sexy-yet-playful?


Lena as hot “girl-next-door”


And I thought I’d include in here a small tutorial for summer bronzy makeup. The sexy Chikako pulls off this look gorgeously!


Do you guys like magazine posts?  
Leave me a comment! If yes, then I can totally do it more often 🙂
Over and out! Have a nice day.

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