MAC #130 Brush

Alas! The new MAC #130 brush is here.

I’ve heard lots about this being the combo of the famed 187 & 109…well upon first impression let me tell you that this baby is well…SMALL.
Its dense and the fibres are tighter than the 187 for sure. While I love the 109 I find that the all natural hairs tend to absorb my foundation and gets gunky really quickly.

Hopefully this #130 will be my solution to flawless foundation!

This brush, because of it dense and duo-fibre qualities would be great for cream foundations because it would really spread it well across the skin evenly. I will try it with my Scott Barnes cream foundie once I’ve washed it… was so excited that I had to snap some shots first.

*CLICK for larger picture*

MAC #130 Stats

MAC #130 Brush

For the money, I’m really paying for innovation more than quality I think. Not that I dont love the quality of MAC brushes but I feel the style is easily made by other companies… I’ve been looking for a brush like this for ages, yet I’ve never found one. So MAC was my only choice.
Still though….this could be the beginning of beautiful love affair ❤

One thought on “MAC #130 Brush

  1. Mansi says:

    you should try the sigma brushes! the quality is soo comparable to MAC brushes and they're WAY cheaper. i think i got this 6 brush face and eye set or smth for 50USD which includes a crease brush, blending brush, shadow brush, powder brush, the skunk looking brush lol, and a kabuki! it also comes with a free blending ish brush i think? you should check it out! :))


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